We know how tough it is adjusting to college life. This Web site is designed to make the transition easier. As juniors and seniors at Arizona State University, we feel we have enough knowledge and advice to give. We can’t make friends for you, but we can help you find a great place to live. Enjoy!


Moving Out, Moving In

Arizona State University students weigh in on where they are living and why they love it

For Alec Boyle, moving away to college meant leaving behind her family in Southern California where she always had home-cooked meals and a good group of friends.

For others, moving to college may mean finding a good party or getting involved on campus. But for most students, like Boyle, it means leaving their home for the first time and moving into a dorm or apartment.

Alec Boyle

Heading to Tempe, Ariz. to play volleyball for Arizona State University, Boyle, a current junior, was excited for the dorm her coaches chose for her and said it helped smooth the transition her freshman year.

“My coaches chose for me to live in Hassayampa along with my other teammates,” Boyle said. “It was a pain to get to practice early in the morning at the Wells Fargo Arena all the way on the other side of campus, but I had instant friends in my dorm.”

Boyle said she loved how spacious the rooms were compared to other dorms on campus such as Best Hall, where Amanda Cotey, a junior at ASU, lived her first two years in college.

Jesse Davenport

“In addition to the rooms being tiny, there were only two outlets and our water broke every other day,” Cotey said.

Best Hall used to house students from Barrett, the Honors College.  Now, honors students for the 2009-2010 year were the first to live in the new honors dorms located on the northwest corner of Rural Road and Apache Boulevard, right next to Hassayampa.

“Living on campus is beneficial in so many ways,
like staying engaged in academics.”

Jesse Davenport, a freshman, lives in Sage South this year, part of the Sustainable Housing at the new Barrett complex.

Davenport said it has been beneficial living with other honors students.

“It has been nice to live around students that are taking some of the same classes as I am and have similar workloads,” Davenport said.  “Pulling an all-nighter is a lot better if someone else is up studying with you.”

Amanda Cotey

Living on campus has made going to class more of a priority for Davenport.

“Once the initial excitement of college wears off, it’s easier to make yourself go to class when it’s just a ten minute walk away,” Davenport said.

Junior Eric Smith lives in Vista del Sol, an apartment complex located on Apache Boulevard and Rural Road on ASU’s campus.

Eric Smith

“I’m here for the party,” Smith said. “When I first moved in two years ago, it was brand new. Being brand new, no one had the opportunity to destroy or break anything.”

Smith said his apartment still looks brand new. Besides the rooms and luxurious amenities, Smith said he also likes the convenient walk to campus.

“I can roll out of bed and walk to class in ten minutes,” Smith said.  “Vista del Sol is like an apartment complex on steroids and I am so lucky to live here.”

“Once the initial excitement of college wears off,
it’s easier to make yourself go to class
when it’s just a ten minute walk away.”

Jenna Lee Thomas

Across campus on Veterans Way and College, Jenna Lee Thomas is a community assistant at the University Towers, which is owned and managed by ASU.

“I love how quiet it is at the Towers,” Thomas said.  “I’ve lived in other apartment complexes that have too much commotion and too many visits from the police trying to round up those ‘rambunctious kids.'”

Thomas said it is important to live on campus for as many years as possible.

“Living on campus is convenient and practical,” Thomas said.  “I have the rest of my life to live off-campus, why not make my campus life easier and more convenient while I’m here?”


Barrett's Honors Dorms offer various getaways for students, such as large grass areas for playing and studying.